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At the Trenchless Certification Institute (TCI) we are authorized to train and educate you using NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) assessment and certification programs. These programs give you the knowledge and tools needed to properly assess and protect your sewer and storm pipe infrastructure when conducting CC/TV inspections.


NASSCO Programs Offered

With over 11,000 personnel trained over the last decade, the PACP program is the only nationally recognized standard for describing pipe, lateral and manhole conditions and defects. Our training programs include: the Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP), the Lateral Assessment and Certification Program (LACP), and the Manhole Assessment and Certification Program (MACP). TCI also offers Manhole Inspector Training through the ITCP training program.


TCI specializes in training engineers, technicians, and contractors in the standardized assessment and evaluation sewer pipe infrastructure.

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The PACP program allows the user to fully understand the current pipe conditions that are the primary factors in determining pipe and underground structures rehabilitation requirements and costs. Examples of primary condition descriptions and ratings required for cost effective design parameters are listed below... using PACP terminology:


>  Pipe Conditions: cracked, fractured, broken, hole deformed

and collapsed.


>  Joint Conditions: joint offset, joint separated, and joint



>  Amount of Infiltration: stain, weeper, dripper, runner and



>  Pipe Surface Conditions:  roughness increase, aggregate

visible, aggregate projecting, aggregate missing,

reinforcement visible, reinforcement projecting,

reinforcement corroded and missing wall.


Type of Taps Present:  factory made, break-in/hammer taps,

saddle taps and rehabilitated tap.


And many other key parameters that can have a profound

impact on the rehabilitation process.


>  Asset Evaluation:  By understanding PACP terminology and

using PACP certified CC/TV operators.


>  Determining Best Solutions: Once you are certified you will be

able to recommend the most effective rehabilitation

technology for the job. TCI instructors have over 25 years of

trenchless technology and field experience to help you

become proficient in assessing site specific conditions pipe

system defects as described by PACP guidelines.


>  Technology Evaluation: You will leave with knowledge of the

latest and most proven technologies to help you determine

the best and most cost effective method to fix your problems.


>  CC/TV Assessment: Learn the importance of conducting and

evaluating pre and post installation CC/TV inspections to

ensure the most complete rehabilitation and repairs are made

with the right technology. The identification and recording

infrastructure conditions is critical:


• Determines the structural condition of the pipe: crack,

fracture, broken, hole, deformed or collapsed.


• Identifies the amount of infiltration: weeper, dripper,

runner, or gusher.


• Reveals the surface condition of the pipe, pipe joints and

access points.


• Pinpoints the lengths between access points.


• Locates presence of roots and additional factors.

>  Cities/Municipalities:  storm pipes, sewer pipes, manholes,

wet-wells, etc.


>  Government Agencies: Corps of Engineers, military bases,

facilities, others


>  Department of Transportation: Federal and State


>  Irrigation Districts: storm pipes and irrigation pipes


>  Turnpike Authority’s: storm pipe, junction boxes, manholes


>  Industrial Plants: process pipes, torn pipes, sewer pipes,

manholes, wet-wells, etc.

The asset owner will be paying the maximum price for whatever technology they use, without providing current CC/TV data that is produced in the PACP format. This includes the very real possibility that the wrong technology was chosen due to lack of current CC/TV standardized data.


The cost of a CC/TV inspection is nominal, almost incidental, to the cost of the rehabilitation project.


If a standardized report PACP is not produced, the report is almost meaningless.


If the asset owners or engineers are not PACP certified, the report loses much, if not all, of its value as a diagnostic design tool.


This is where TCI excels. We bridge the gap between the entities obtaining and creating the CC/TV data, and training the end users how to derive the most benefit from the CC/TV PACP certified inspection reports.

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